Credits When I Get Home EP






Lost Hollow When I Get Home Credits 

Produced and mixed by Tommy Harden at Tommy’s Dungeon, Nashville, Tennessee 

Mastered by Doug Wayne at Mastermind, Nashville, Tennessee 

Tree design by Cooper Handley, Tommy Harden, Lorrie Harden 

Album art by Jim Kimball 

Management—Tim Fraser and Phil Pickett, Rugged Management, U.K.  


When I Get Home 

Written by G.B. Leighton and Tommy Harden 

Steve Mackey— bass 

Tommy Harden— drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, ukelele, mandolin, rhodes, 

Mike Severs— electric guitar 


I Love Me Some You 

Written by Tommy Harden, Lorrie Harden, Don Rollins 

Mike Severs— acoustic and electric guitars 

Spady Brannan— bass 

Tammy Rogers King— mandolin 

Tommy Harden— drums, high string acoustic, percussion 


We Both Lose 

Written by Tommy Harden, Zoe Nichol, Rosie Jones (The Worry Dolls) 

Dan Dugmore— Steel guitar 

Tommy Harden— Drums, percussion, bass, acoustic and high string guitar, mandolin, rhodes 

Jeff King— electric guitar 

Anya Harden— vocals 



Written by Tim Fraser 

Pat McGrath—acoustic guitar 

Jeff King—electric guitar 

David Labruyere—bass 

Jimmy Mattingly—violin 

Tommy Harden—drums 


I Am 

Written by Tommy Harden, Lorrie Harden, Don Rollins, Anya Harden 

Derek Wells— electric guitar 

Mike Severs— acoustic guitar 

Eamon McGloughlin— violin, viola, cello 

Tommy Harden— drums, wurlitzer, percussion, acoustic guitar 

Spady Brannan— bass  

Anya Harden— vocals 


Tommy’s special thanks to Tim Fraser and Phil Pickett for your unwavering belief in us.  Thanks to Lorrie for having the best voice I’ve ever heard.  Thanks to our kids, Anya, Taylor, Kieran, Lily, Maggie, and Rowan, for putting up with all the many hours of work.  I’m in total gratitude to the players on this record, for bringing your utter brilliance and making our music come to life.  Thanks to Jim Kimball for some amazing artwork!  Thanks to Rachael and Christian for everything you guys do!  To Doug for your amazing mastering ninja talents, and having a better ear than me.  To Alex Torrez for your belief in us.  To all of our friends who have believed in this crazy dream of ours, and have given us unwavering support, we are grateful. 

Lorrie: Yes! I second everything that Tom says above.  Thank you all…we are beyond grateful.  I want to thank my amazing husband and best friend.  Thank you for all of the endless days and so, so many sleepless nights, working, writing, playing and singing to make all of this possible. I am always in awe of the depth and wisdom of talent within. Thank you for never wavering on our dream.  You are my favorite everything.