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New Video!

We've had over 30,000 views so far!  Please feel free to share!  Shot at the amazing Thornton Manor in Cheshire, England by Dominic Halpin and Lisa Quinn from www.UKcountrynews.com.

“DUDE…….! Blown. AWAY....sheeeeezzzzee....my thought progression as I listened: 1st song-"CUTE! FUN!" 2nd song: "I'm so diggin this! Can't stop tapping my feet!" 3rd song: "Ok I'm in love with these people.." 4th song: when that 3rd harmony came in I had a serious time getting my hair to lay back down...and then by Falling, I think I may have levitated...amazing is an over used word, but not here...what a sound..gotta find more of their stuff...thanks for sharing! .....youre going to want to listen to this!”


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